Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding a Curly Stylist with Ouidad


For curly-haired people, a great stylist and a fantastic cut is essential to having beautiful hair. If you are unable to visit the Ouidad Salon or a Ouidad Certified Salon, here are some tips for first, finding the right stylist and then how to talk to your stylist about your cut.

Finding the perfect hairstylist:
Word of Mouth - Definitely the best form of recommendation. When you see someone who has your hair type, ask where they get their hair cut.
Reputation - Call a salon in your area that has a great reputation. Describe your specific hair concerns to the receptionist and ask them for a stylist recommendation. Also, be sure to describe what type of cut you are looking for - trendy, classic - this will also help them to point you in the right direction.
Curly Hair - Look for a stylist that has curly hair so he or she already understands some of your needs.

Talking to your stylist: At your first meeting a great stylist will have a consultation with you to establish a mutual understanding of what is going to happen to your hair. Don't just surrender to your stylist!

Your stylist should ask you:
-Your hair likes, dislikes and challenges
-Your daily routine and lifestyle
-Your ultimate hair goal (If they don't ask, be sure to tell them!)

You should also ask about:
-The cut that you both agree upon
-The options with the cut - Can you wear it both straight and curly?
-How much time will you need to devote to styling?

Also, be sure to fess up to any hair crimes including abuse of color, straighteners, blowdryers, etc. Confessing these crimes will help your stylist better understand your hair's condition and recommend a treatment plan.

Finally, if the day comes when you need to leave your stylist simply tell them you need a change or that you would like to try someone new. Just be sure not to leave on a bad note - you want to leave the door open in case you decide you want to return in the future.

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