Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm bunning it!

that's right. the wash n go's number one fan, me, is taking a break and wearing my hair up in a bun for a while. i tend to struggle with my hair once it gets to APL (arm pit length) and longer because its just too much hair for me to deal with. wearing my hair up in a bun allows me to ignore my hair (yay!) while still protecting it from damage. on the weekends i wear my hair in a wash n go.

random bunning tips:
- take down the bun at night time/bed time. if i keep my hair up, it wont dry. and if it doesn't dry, my hair mildews. i had to learn that lesson the hard way. :( i'll put my hair into one loose braid at night so it dries out, but it still stays stretched out a bit.
- move the bun around a bit--it doesn't stress the hair as much. if i start with a high bun, then the next day i'll smooth it down to a low bun or vice versa.
- raw shea butter is a bun's best friend! i use it to smooth my (wet or dry) edges down/ i also make sure that i put some on my ends daily. it makes my hair sooooo soft and gives it a nice shine.
- if you have thin/fine hair like me, try using a scrunchy, sock, or donut to create your bun. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Donut-Bun it gives me the illusion of having fuller/thicker hair.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

winter hats for curly kids

check out www.curlyzebra.com
theyre satin lined winter hats for kids. sweet.

happy new year!

i hope everyone had a safe and happy new year celebration!

i havent made any new year's resolutions yet, but im thinking of making some hair resolutions.

my hair golas for 2010 are:
- to start treating my hair better. that means regular conditioning treatments and very gentle combing/brushing.
- avoid random hair cutting. :) only get trims and shape ups as needed.
- be healthier! drink water, eat better, and possibly even throw some vitamins in there.

i think these are pretty realistic goals...but we'll see!