Tuesday, December 29, 2009

perfect curl product: raw shea butter

winter is here and my hair has been feeling it! my hair has looked pretty nice but has been feeling dry to the touch. ive been doing deep conditioning treatments, being a bit more heavy handed with my conditioner and oil and nothing seemed to work. last winter i had alot of growth and there were two things that i did differently: (1) i wore my hair up alot and (2) i used shea butter. so this year i told my sister to buy me some shea butter for christmas and now im back in business!

for 1st day hair, i applied my leave in + castor oil to my hair like i always do. then i took a few dabs of shea butter, rubbed it in my hands to melt it, and then smoothed it on my hair. my goal was to concentrate it on my ends, but i did apply it all over. it has been a while since ive used raw shea butter so i was hoping that the castor oil combined with the shea butter wouldnt result in a greasy mess. and it didnt. woo hoo! for my 2nd day hair, i took my hair out of the pineapple i sleep in and then applied the shea butter on my dry hair, the same way i did it on my wet hair.

its only been two days, but im starting to remember why i love shea butter so much. its great for sealing my ends, keeping my hair soft, reducing static flyaways, smoothing edges, and its a great skin moisturizer! i even used some on the man's coarse, thick type 2 hair. i used some to smooth his flyaways and to soften his dry, raggedy ends (he desperately needs a haircut).

3 cheers for raw shea butter!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sudden Big Chop—Joys and Trials

The Sudden Big Chop—Joys and Trials

check it out! my story is all the way at the bottom :)