Monday, April 27, 2009

you really want to know what i think?

please, love your hair.
love it for what it does, love it for what it doesnt do.
love it because God chose it just for you.
so treat it right, let it know how good it looks, and dont forget to let everyone else around you know how fab your hair is!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

mixed chicks products: a testimonial

an acquaintance sent me this email so i decided to post it here. ive never used mixed chicks products so i cant add to the testimonial, but if anyone else has, feel free to leave some feedback!

I just bought this stuff yesterday & I should be on an infomercial! It is the bomb!! I did [baby girl's] hair last night & when we woke up this morning she still had beautiful soft ringlets & not big crazy hair. [Cousin], I'll let you try some on [your curly kid]. [Subbrock], I don't know what you are using in [munchkin's] hair, but I wanted to let you know about this in case you hadn't heard of it. I've spent almost 4 years looking for a product that works like this. Please pass this website along to anyone that it can help!!

shiny hair a la subbrock

a few days ago, someone asked me what i do to get my hair so shiny because her daughter who has natural 4a hair always has dry, frizzy looking hair. to be honest, i really didnt know where to start because there are so many different answers on why my hair is shiny. and here they are:

- my hair is healthy. healthy hair has a tendency to have much more bling ability (i totally just made that term up) than non healthy hair. so that means keeping my hair moisturized, getting trims as needed, and avoiding doing much damage to my hair.
- product, product, and more product! and im referring to quality, not quantity. there are some products out there that make my hair so shiny, its ridiculous. things like veggie glycerine or products with glycerine as a main ingredient, oils (particularly castor oil), gels (kinky curly curling custard, fantasia ic gel w/ sparkelites, ouidad climate control gel), and other "stuff" (ouidad clear control pomade). i do avoid products with non water soluble 'cones in my everyday styling products because even though they give a great shine to my hair at first, the buildup is a nightmare.
- color. i would be lying to myself and everyone else if i pretended like coloring my hair had nothing to do with how shiny my hair looks. after a fresh dye job, its always particularly glossy looking because thats what the color is supposed to do--deposit color and give a shine boost. of course, as the color fades, so does the shine. *color is not something i would ever recommend for a young child. ever.*

so thats what keeps my hair shiny. what about you?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the man and his hair

this is the man's ponytail. he's threatening to cut it all off and dontaing it to locks of love. i must say i will miss the mane. when we first met almost 3 years ago, his hair was a bit longer than ear lobe length. hes a big fan of the same light oil blend i use (i havent told him about castor oil yet) and paul mitchell the conditioner as a leave in. he shampoos no more than once a week and after applying his leave in, brushes his hair with the denman.

haircut pics!

so this past thursday i went for color and ended up getting another cut too.

im seriously loving this cut. i feel extra sassy! i styled my hair with elucence moisture balancing conditioner and castor oil. before i get color, i always do a extra moisturizing deep treatments and this time i did a protein treatment before my appointment (i usually do it after). my hair feels amazing, better than ever and i think its all due to the castor oil. my friend who has amazing hair recommended it to me years ago, but im just now trying it. i will add her hair tips/story/pics sometime in the near future. but anywho, 3 cheers for castor oil!

im going back later this week to get my color lifted even more, the previous henna and indigo treatments i did before were very hard to lift. of course, i'll post pics.

hope you had a happy easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

exciting news for piedmont north carolina curlies!

whole foods in winston-salem has kinky curly curling custard!


whoo hoo!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding a Curly Stylist with Ouidad


For curly-haired people, a great stylist and a fantastic cut is essential to having beautiful hair. If you are unable to visit the Ouidad Salon or a Ouidad Certified Salon, here are some tips for first, finding the right stylist and then how to talk to your stylist about your cut.

Finding the perfect hairstylist:
Word of Mouth - Definitely the best form of recommendation. When you see someone who has your hair type, ask where they get their hair cut.
Reputation - Call a salon in your area that has a great reputation. Describe your specific hair concerns to the receptionist and ask them for a stylist recommendation. Also, be sure to describe what type of cut you are looking for - trendy, classic - this will also help them to point you in the right direction.
Curly Hair - Look for a stylist that has curly hair so he or she already understands some of your needs.

Talking to your stylist: At your first meeting a great stylist will have a consultation with you to establish a mutual understanding of what is going to happen to your hair. Don't just surrender to your stylist!

Your stylist should ask you:
-Your hair likes, dislikes and challenges
-Your daily routine and lifestyle
-Your ultimate hair goal (If they don't ask, be sure to tell them!)

You should also ask about:
-The cut that you both agree upon
-The options with the cut - Can you wear it both straight and curly?
-How much time will you need to devote to styling?

Also, be sure to fess up to any hair crimes including abuse of color, straighteners, blowdryers, etc. Confessing these crimes will help your stylist better understand your hair's condition and recommend a treatment plan.

Finally, if the day comes when you need to leave your stylist simply tell them you need a change or that you would like to try someone new. Just be sure not to leave on a bad note - you want to leave the door open in case you decide you want to return in the future.

Check out to sign up for this monthly newslwetter and to find a ouidad certified salon near you!