Sunday, April 12, 2009

the man and his hair

this is the man's ponytail. he's threatening to cut it all off and dontaing it to locks of love. i must say i will miss the mane. when we first met almost 3 years ago, his hair was a bit longer than ear lobe length. hes a big fan of the same light oil blend i use (i havent told him about castor oil yet) and paul mitchell the conditioner as a leave in. he shampoos no more than once a week and after applying his leave in, brushes his hair with the denman.

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LoveliestLibra said...

My sweetie just cut of his pony, it was a little shorter than your sweeties. I often make him laugh when I tell him that I think we have found ourselves in cyberspace, after looking at your blog.

Love your hair! And of course the pics of the munchkin.