Sunday, April 12, 2009

haircut pics!

so this past thursday i went for color and ended up getting another cut too.

im seriously loving this cut. i feel extra sassy! i styled my hair with elucence moisture balancing conditioner and castor oil. before i get color, i always do a extra moisturizing deep treatments and this time i did a protein treatment before my appointment (i usually do it after). my hair feels amazing, better than ever and i think its all due to the castor oil. my friend who has amazing hair recommended it to me years ago, but im just now trying it. i will add her hair tips/story/pics sometime in the near future. but anywho, 3 cheers for castor oil!

im going back later this week to get my color lifted even more, the previous henna and indigo treatments i did before were very hard to lift. of course, i'll post pics.

hope you had a happy easter!


Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing! I've tried olive oil bf and now I'm wondering about the castor oil...

Anonymous said...

Hi Subbrock. I love your hair cut! My hair has been in a rut for years, and you've inspired me. Is this another Ouidad method cut?

subbrock said...


its not a ouidad cut. my hair is too thin to have those done on a regular basis, but theyre great for people with thick hair.