Saturday, March 21, 2009

perfect curl technique: rinsing upside down

somewhere on i read that rinsing your hair upside down provides better clumping. over the past 3 days ive been experiementing with this process and for the moment its changed my life! since my hair cut, ive had to spend more time styling my hair than im used to. and one issues i was having was getting good clumps of curls. now that i have the rinsing upside down thing perfected i just had to share! this is what i do:
- in the shower, wet my hair completely. shampoo, co wash, rinse out a dt, condition or whatever i need to do. using a wide tooth shower comb, detangle my hair.
-after detangling im ready to rinse. flip my head upside down and rinse out hair making sure not to touch my hair too much. i dont want to disturb the miracle of curl clumping!
-once my hair is rinsed completly, i squeeze out the excess water (still upside down). once im out of the shower i flip my head upside down again and briefly wrap a cotton t-shirt or my microfiber towel around the length of my hair and squeeze out any more extra drippies.
- now its product time. i apply my products with my head still flipped over. the key is to get work enough product through the first time, so im not fiddling with my hair too much. so for me i mix some elucence mb conditioner and oil and smooth it into my hair. no raking it through because that will disturb the clumps. next i use a small bit of shea butter and concentate that on my ends. lastly, i apply my gel (aubrey organics mandarin magic jelly).
-now its finally time to stand upright!
- once my hair has fallen into place, i touch up a few of my frizz prone areas with my fingers. for me its the very top of my hair (canopy?) and the hair right above my ears. i basically just smooth/rake each individual curl clump with my fingers to smooth down the frizz that i know is soon to come.
-air dry and wait for the fabulousness to begin.

once my hair dries its moveable, the curls are defined, and have the perfect amount of volume. i might just make a youtube of this one day because im in love with this technique!

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D Alexandra said...

wow what a simple yet effective technique! i'll be testing it out very soon! =]