Sunday, February 15, 2009

winter hair secrets by ouidad

Winter Curl Secrets by Ouidad

With winter here, I find that many clients' curls are not performing at their best. Here are some of my tips for taking control of winter dullness.

Use Deep Treatment every two weeks particularly during these cold months - it's my curls best friend. Moisture lost due to winter weather is restored.

Letting your hair dry naturally before you head out into the cold is always ideal, but if you must use a blow dryer due to time, make sure that it is on the low setting.

Add a leave in conditioner, such as Moisture Lock, to your routine. It's great for the dry weather. It makes my hair soft and keeps the moisture in on daily basis.

Shampoo once less per week than your regular routine - your scalp has less oil in the winter, so your hair can be shampooed less frequently.

Static can cause hair to expand and have more flyaways. Combat static throughout the day with Botanical Boost spray in conditioner. It gets rid of the flyaways and adds more moisture to the hair to keep your style all day long.

Finish with a few drops of Shine Hair Glaze - it eliminates the dullness so hair looks healthy and shiny.

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