Monday, February 2, 2009

not so perfect curls

most of the time people post pics of their decent to great hair days. i decided to switch things up a bit and show you our bad hair days. the reason being, is ive looked at tons and tons of pictures of people and said "wow, they have gorgeous hair" or "whoa, shes beautiful," thinking it wasnt something i could attain because my hair didnt look like that at the time. finding the right products and routine makes all the difference.

i'll start. this is my hair last weekened. i refused to detangle it for at least 3 days and wore it in a bun/ponytail the entire time because i didnt feel like dealing with it.

the man:
im not exactly sure what happened to his hair. maybe he fell asleep on the couch so he didnt have the beenfit of sleeping with his satin pillowcase.

the munchkin: the first pic is before i found products that actually enhanced her curls. back then i was just using detangling spray and no styler or leave in conditioner. the second pic is her morning hair. notice how the curls are still in tact, due to sleeping on satin.

just because you dont wake up with perfect curls, doesnt mean you cant attain them!

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rebirth0313 said...

I love it! So true... none of us wake up with perfect curls always :) Btw, your hair still looks pretty darn good.