Wednesday, February 11, 2009

don't forget to deep condition!

i am the first person to admit that i am horrible when it comes to being consistent, following rules, schedules, routines, etc.
what can i say, im a free spirit!
so needless to say, ive been slacking on my deep conditioning treatments. ideally, i would do them at least once a week but its been much much much longer than that since i had done one.
this evening though, i decided to get back on track and do a deep conditioning treatment.

i used mop extreme moisture and mixed it with a bit of my oil blend. i spritzed my dry hair with a bit of water and then applied the conditioning mixture. next, i parted my hair in 5 sections and detangled with a comb. this also helped distribute the conditioner more evenly. after i finished a section, i twisted it up into a little bantu knot (a little bun). after i finished my whole head, i pretty much went on about my business. for an extra conditioning boost sometimes i will put a plastic cap over my hair and then cover that with either a towel or a knit cap so that my body heat aids in the deep conditioning process. after about an hour i hopped in the shower and rinsed out my hair. my hair feels amazing! im going to force myself return to once a week deep conditioning.

at least once a month i deep condition the little one's hair as well, either using mop extreme moisture or jessicurl weekly deep treatment (which i love for myself as well). on bath day i'll wet her hair as soon as she gets in the tub and then put on whichever deep conditioner i plan on using. then right before she gets out of the tub i rinse her hair. since i dont heat style or manipulate her hair too much, the 5-10 minutes of conditioning time still makes her hair even soften than it already is.

for an extra extra boost i will add oil, honey, and even vegetable glycerine to my deep conditioner before i put on my make shift heat cap (the plastic cap/towel combo).

so please dont be like me and remember to deep condition regularly. your dry thirsty hair will thank you!

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Natakue said...

do as i say, not as i do...gotcha!