Monday, February 23, 2009

i have a hair appointment tuesday...

and im so excited!

since i havent colored my hair in a long time (and i may stay away from color for a while), i desperately need a change. best case scenario: i get a cute angled bob. most likely to happen: i'll just get my hair shaped up a bit.

in my opinion, having a definite haircut or shape adds sooooooo much to the overall appearence of hair. its been quite some time since ive had a trim, which is usually when i get my hair shaped as well, so my layers have grown out. and that reults in having triangle shaped hair for me. not a good look. im definitely going to post before and after pics to show just how much improvement a shape/style can give curly hair. the best part is that its so subtle and you dont have to lose any length.

i can't wait!

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