Sunday, January 11, 2009

3c perfect curl technique: shingling

products and tools used: elucence moisture balancing conditioner, fantasia ic gel w/sparkelites, comb, denman d3/d4 brush, duckbill clips, ponytail holder

this technique takes a little bit more time than i would like to normally spend on my hair, but it yeilds perfectly controlled, defined curls. its a foolproof method for getting great curls. the process is very similar to the shingling method at (

-start with wet or damp hair. since im using heavy products i like my hair to be not soaking wet because it takes even longer to dry.
- beginning at the nape of the neck, make a part from ear to ear using the comb. apply conditioner and detangle with comb.
- smooth a dab of gel over the detangled section of hair. *im much more heavy handed with the gel when im doing the back section of my hair because the texture back tere is tighter and frizzes much easier*
- using the denman, brush the section of hair. make sure you go from root to tip. if i dont start as close to the roots as possible, i get puffy roots.
- wrap ponytail holder loosely around completed section. put duckbill clip at the end of completed section. *this not only helps keep the completed sections out of yor way, but also serves to help stretch out and weigh down the curls created by the denman*
-continue this process until entire head is completed.

the product combo i used is not necessary to yeild the same reults. i do recommend using a heavy moisturizing conditioner to be able to stand up to the gel. and heavier or stronger hold gels do work best for me when i use this technique. depending on your hair's needs, you can also incorporate oils or butters to provide extra moisture or seal your ends. to cut down on drying time, a diffuser or hooded dryer can be used.

to get the most out of this style, at bedtime pull the hair into a loose ponytail at the very top of the head (aka "pineapple"). sleep on a satin pillowcase. in the morning, take down the ponytail and refresh the look with the spritz of your choice (regular old water, water/glycerine combo, leave in conditioner spray, etc).

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