Saturday, January 10, 2009

3A perfect curl combo

i used california baby calming conditioner and curly hair solutions curl keeper to get these perfect ringlets.
its taken me a while to get the hang of curl keeper, but with her hair type the keys to getting good results with it are raking it through her hair and to use it sparingly.

here is what i did:
-start with clean wet hair.
-apply california baby calming conditioner and comb through hair to make sure that it is evenly distributed.
-put a small amount of curl keeper in palm of hand and then rub hands together. rake the product through with fingers, not a comb or brush.
*ive found that when i use too much curl keeper and/or comb it through her hair, it makes her hair straight. with a fine haired curly, start off with an amount that looks like its not going to be enough so you dont weigh the hair down and prevent it from curling*
-air dry

why i like california baby calming conditioner:
- its all natural/good ingredients
-its rich enough to moisturize her hair without weighing it down.
-does double duty, it can be used as a regular wash out conditioner AND a leave in
-easily accessable and decent price. its available at target and other stores that sell natural products.

why i like curly hair solutions curl keeper:
- ingedients (no parabens, no protein, no silicone)
- good price
- combats the frizz without making her hair look like it has product in it
-great shine
-doesnt need to be reapplied daily. can be refreshed by spritzing with water, detangling spray, etc.


Kcurly said...

I am going to try this on my little one. He has curls, but I always end up cutting it short because his hair always looks unruly. I just got some CurlKeeper so I will definitely be experimenting. Thanks!

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

Hey there - I've been reading your blog all morning trying to figure out what products I can use on my 13 months hair. I believe she has 3a curls, but you can look for yourself and see what you think ( The longer her hair gets the less Johnson's baby shampoo and leave-in conditioner will do for her. We're dealing with major frizzies and flyaways right now. I'd LOVE to know what you would recommend for her.


subbrock said...

hey becky!
what a cute little munchkin you have. stay away from the johnson & johnson...its evil!!

my little girl has always had a ton of hair, but when she had shorter hair i would buy the trial size bottles of kiss my face or giovanni shampoos and conditioners to figure out which one worked best for her hair. their only .99 and last forever when they dont have much hair! i think you might also have alot of success with kinky curly knot today conditioner as a leave in. its light, but it moisturizes well.

curly hair solutions curl keeper is what we use to deal with frizz and it doesnt make her hair look like there is any product in it at all.

if your little girl isnt sleeping on a satin sheet, definitely tuck one in her crib. and get a satin or silk scarf and put that in the back of her carseat as well. you'll instantly see a difference in her hair!

let me know how it works :)