Saturday, October 10, 2009

celebrity curls i love: corrine bailey rae

there was a thread about this on ( and her hair looks amazing!

here is a pic from her myspace page:
My Photos Photo Gallery - Photo 12 of 12 by Corinne Bailey Rae - MySpace Photos

product review update: herbal essences UPDATE

i have been using herbal essences none of your frizzness smoothing leave in creme since early august on the munchkin. i do like the results, but the other day i noticed a small rash on the back of the little one's neck exactly where her hair hits her neck/back. im left to believe its the herbal essences products that are causing the rash. i dont know how long its been there, but i do know that she has extremely sensitive skin. so if anyone else has extreme sensitive skin and also has the itchies, this may be the culprit. its bittersweet becasuse i did enjoy how her hair looked with herbal essences and the price is excellent, but i was always a bit uncomfotable with the mass amount of chemicals in their ingredient list. i will be switching back to more natural products for the munchkin.

i got my hair trimmed again...

it was lacking shape and it was time to clean up my ends. yes, im still growing out my hair, so thats why i waited so long to get a trim. but it came back to bite me in the end because my ends were horrible so i had to get a bit more than i wanted taken off. if i stretch a curl at the nape of my neck, it reaches my collar bone. i feel like ive been at this length FOREVER! maybe its due to all the cutting i do to it though. this is the 100th time ive had scissors put to my head since i declared that i was growing my hair out. my mom says im rebellious. im starting to think shes onto something. why else would i keep cutting my hair even though im insisting that im growing it out????


ive said it a million times an dim going to say it once more: i suck at hair styling and further more, i dont like it even if i were good at it. but i wanted to spice up the munchkin's ponytails. so i did brigitte bardot inspired side pony (deep side part, teased a bit at the crown for a bit of height). simple. age appropriate. super cute.

i love this look on wavy/loosely curled hair.

for the second twist on a regular pony, i just wrapped a small section of hair around her ponytail and bobby pinned it in place. it looks twice as cute when done on pigtails!