Saturday, October 10, 2009

product review update: herbal essences UPDATE

i have been using herbal essences none of your frizzness smoothing leave in creme since early august on the munchkin. i do like the results, but the other day i noticed a small rash on the back of the little one's neck exactly where her hair hits her neck/back. im left to believe its the herbal essences products that are causing the rash. i dont know how long its been there, but i do know that she has extremely sensitive skin. so if anyone else has extreme sensitive skin and also has the itchies, this may be the culprit. its bittersweet becasuse i did enjoy how her hair looked with herbal essences and the price is excellent, but i was always a bit uncomfotable with the mass amount of chemicals in their ingredient list. i will be switching back to more natural products for the munchkin.

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Anonymous said...

I use these products in the shower, but I have to rinse them w/other conditioners because they do irritate my scalp.