Monday, February 22, 2010

goodbye...for now!

i've decided that i'm going to take a break from all things hair related. goodbye blog, fotki, and discussion boards! the reason being that i just don't have much to say or contribute. i've got a rock solid hair routine, trusty styling methods and products, and quite frankly i'm tired of looking at my hair! i'll still be checking out other fotkis or be glad to answer any questions anyone might have, i just wont be updating for a while.

thanks for being so supportive of me, my family, and our curls!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I just posted an comment on your page. Do you know of any salons in the Winston Salem area. I noticed that you are from NC. I have natural hair mixed with 3c/4a hair. :) Thanks

subbrock said...

my sister owns a salon in winston actually, so she's the one i go to for trims. she does not specialize in natural hair, but like i said, she's the one who's been trimming and cutting my hair since i've been natural (7 yrs).

genesis salon
1010 brookstown ave
w-s, nc 27101
336 722 2233