Thursday, May 21, 2009

summer products part 2!

redken didnt discontinue my favorite product after all, they just changed the name! woohoo! so here it is, redken color extend sun sparkling shield leave-in smoother.

Helps provide water-resistant protection against UVA/UVB rays, chlorine and minerals while creating a sleek, polished finish.

Water-resistant formula helps protect hair from UVA/UVB rays and the absorption of chlorine and minerals
Nourishes and conditions
Creates a sleek, polished look with multi-dimensional shine

SoplexylTM - Prevents UV Damage
Mango Oil - Replenishes Moisture and Vibrancy
Ceramide - Repairs and resurfaces

Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and advanced Hydra-Shield Complex with Soplexyl™, a patented UV filter, provide powerful protection while restoring lost moisture and luminous shine.

How To Use:
Apply to damp or dry hair. Leave in. Reapply throughout the day or as needed. Recommend to clients who swim and need to protect their hair from the sun, chlorine and minerals.

i love this stuff! and it even has little flecks of mica in it for extra bling. doesnt get much better than that...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

summertime product!

summer is almost here! i usually dont switch up my routine or products much with the exception of something to protect my hair from the sun. in the past i had used redken's uv rescue. they had an awesome oil spray. but to my dismay, the uv rescue line has been discontinued. *sad face*

last year i used ouidad's sun sheild leave in conditioner for myself and for the little one. here is the product description from the website (

The sun is not only dangerous to your skin but it can also wreak havoc on your hair—causing its color to turn or fade and drying out already thirsty curls. Sun Shield/Beach Pool Spray from Ouidad protects against sun damage with effective UVA/UVB blockers, which form an invisible breathable shield to lock out the elements. Spray on prior to sun exposure and any time by the pool or beach when you want to create softer, smoother, shinier curls.

Also effective against damaging environmental factors like wind, salt and chlorine, Sun Shield’s blend of special proteins and amino acids seal in moisture and nourish hair while shielding from overexposure to the drying and stiffening elements common to outdoor activity. Now you can love being outside and love your curls!

i'm a fan and i will be repurchasing. so if youre looking for something to protect your curls from all that summer fun you'll be having, give it a try.

cool hairstyles for little girls

i came across this blog full of cute hairstyles for girls, so i thought i would share!

Monday, May 11, 2009

celebrity curls i love

i saw the may cover of ebony and was so excited--not because of beyonce, but because of her hairstyle! i love big curls and big hair, not to mention this is my dream hairstyle (if i ever get married, this will definitely be my wedding hair).

taylor swift always has gorgeous waves. not to mention, i cant help but to admire a young superstar who doesnt give into the pressure of straightening. now back to drooling over taylor's amazing hair...

Monday, May 4, 2009

roni's hair story

*roni is the one responsible for turning me onto castor oil. whoot whoot!*

Hello, my hair story has a few turns and twists. First, I had been natural my whole life until 10th grade, that's when I started getting relaxers. Before then,I was getting the straightening comb starting at 11 years old. My hair was to my hip, until 7th grade, that's when it was to my waist. I would go to my friend Cheryl's house(she was a licensed beautician that did hair out of her home and only charged $20.00!) and get my relaxers done. I had my hair cut for different styles, but it was never no shorter than BSL. It was the 80s and we all did crazy things with our hair. Cheryl kept my hair healthy and thick with the relaxer, and I continued to go to see Cheryl throughout high school, she used a Dudley's relaxer and it never broke my hair off. Well,I went off to college and didn't get anymore relaxers. My relaxer grew itself out,and by the summer for my second year of college, Cheryl had moved, and I began going to a salon that my mom found. My hair wasn't really damaged and she trimmed it up abit and put it in a style. I also had another relaxer put in and got my hair dyed twice burgundy first and then red, it was Flyy. Well,towards the end of my sophomore year of college, my hair began to split very badly,so I ignored it, I didn't get another relaxer anymore after December 1987. Well, my hair really started to look bad and started coming out.When I finished my sophomore year,I went home and started cutting,but it got progressivelt worse. So,I went to a white salon and they said that my last beautician shouldn't have combined the relaxer and the color together, and that I was going to have to cut my hair down to my head. So,I got the Big Chop in May 1988, down to my head. I looked in the mirror and I just started crying. I paid and tipped them, but I cried all the way home. I felt ugly and unfeminine. I had never had short hair before, or hair that short before,so it was a pretty big deal for me and my self-image at the time. My fiance told me that I was still Sexy and Beautiful and that my hair would grow back and he still loved me. So,I rocked the big earrings, the make-up,and the sexy clothes during the summer like I always do. I was using a product that contained kelp and seaweed for a leave-in conditioner from Sally's, and that grew my hair back pretty fast, plus, I was deep conditioning my hair for 25-30 minutes everyday. My hair grew back longer in time for me to start my junior year of college and I started blowdrying my hair and putting hair grease in it. It finally got to my shoulders and I was happy with that.
So, I just kept DTing and taking care of it. Well, my fiance's mother was getting married for a 3rd time when I finished up my junior year of college and I got another relaxer because I was the maid of honor. However,I didn't put anymore relaxers in my hair after that one time.I was finally in my senior of college and just wore my hair down or up and put hair grease in it. It didn't break off badly or split like it did when the salon put it in. My hair was longer,and I decided to grow my relaxer out. So,I finally got up enough natural hair and was able to cut off my relaxed ends and have a decent ponytail by the end of senior year. So,I started using gel, I can't remember which kind,but it kept my hair moisturized.I had to do an internship before I graduated in August 1990 from college with my BS degree. My hair took off fast during the summer, it was APL and very thick. I rocked puffs, and used the good old banana clip which made my hair look even longer. So, I vowed to keep my hair curly no matter what,I was enjoying it, especially the puffs on top of my head. Well,January 1991 came and I discovered I was pregnant with my 1st child who is going on 18. I went to Sally's and found a gel for extra dry hair called LongAid Curl Activator and it became my staple hair product. My hair grew like a weed while I was pregnant and it was back down to my waist before I had my 1st child,a daughter. So, after I had her, I started using Dax pomade in my hair,it made it straight and lie down. The reason being is because Sally's had taken LongAid Curl Activator out of their stores and was no longer selling it. So,I used the Dax pomade from Fall 1991- Summer 1995.I had my second daughter in Fall 1994, I was still natural and my hair had gotten past my waist. So,when I was pregnant with my 3rd child, my son, I got put in a kiddie relaxer in June 1995, I never had relaxed hair with my other pregnancies.I enjoyed the relaxer and would hot curl my hair too. In 1996, I decided to stop relaxing again and go for natural. My hair had gotten thinner and was no longer looking good, so I began cutting it slowly. Finally,I took the plunge after I got a good amount of new growth growing in and had my hair cut into a short bob January 1997, but I was still able to make a ponytail.I was still blowdrying,until I got tired by Spring of 1997, and started using gel and this product called Parnevu Leave-In Conditioner for dry hair, it helped mend my hair back completely and it grew like a weed again down to my shoulders.Well,we'll be up here all day if I continue, LOL, so I'm going to fastforward into 2000, when my hair reached APL, and I found and learned to grow my hair really long. I learned which supplements to take and how to treat my hair like a fine piece of old lace, etc. I was placed on medications so I doubled my vitamin/supplement intake.
Well,I've been completely natural for 12+ years with no desire to return back to relaxers or any kind of chemicals. The last time I flat-ironed my hair was Christmas 2006 with my CHI ,it has been sitting in the closet ever since. I started using this gel called Proclaim Curl Activator gel back in 2002 and it has been my staple since and keeps my hair moisturized and no split ends or breakage problems. I also use castor oil because it keeps my hair moisturized for days and I don't have to reapply it until it's time to wash and condition my hair. It makes my hair shiny too and frizz-free. I feel it has also helped in the health of my hair. I use different leave-in conditioners, LongTerm Relationship by Herbal Essences is my current staple. I wash and condition my hair once a week, then I apply my leave-in, castor oil, and gel when I get out of the shower, and then I detangle. Detangling is easy because I start from the ends of my hair and work my way up,and it doesn't take long. I put my hair in a ponytail and braid it and then I bobbypin it up to the top of my head with the ends tucked underneath, put on a doorag(that has saved my hair for 12 years too) and a satin bonnet and lay a towel on my pillow case and go to sleep. I only apply products to my hair once a week. I'm proud to say that I reached a little past tailbone naturally curly from me taking care of my own hair and staying on my supplements. This is the longest my hair has ever been and I'm very happy with it. Currently,it reaches 37 1/2 inches measuring from the front hairline to the ends. I use Lemongrass & Sage shampoo with essential oils to wash my hair and Rosemary& Mint conditioner with essential oils to condition my hair once a week,they keep my hair healthy. I want to thank Jennifer Bahney on for helping me on my journey to very long beautiful hair, I use to be a member there,but now she sells hair products,vitamins,etc. She is a licensed Trichologist and I trusted her advice and judgement. I'm proud to be naturallly curly and chemical-free and plan to stay that way forever. I'm just letting grow as long as it will get.Thanks so much for listening to my story.


hair stories

happy monday!

today im going to do something a bit different. im going to possibly start posting people's "hair stories". i wanted to do something a bit different than the average profile of someone with fabulous hair because i dont know if its helping us or hurting us. i think its great to admire someone, but alot of times with hair, it seems like many of us feel like if we take on someone's hair regimen/routine, then our hair will magically turn into theirs. and that just doesnt happen! but we can continue to learn and take suggestions from others to get the most out of our hair.

i would love to take submissions from anybody interested in sharing, regardless of hair texture, length, age, styling preferences etc. just leave a comment/message if youre willing to tell your story.

so without further adieu, let the story telling begin!