Monday, May 4, 2009

hair stories

happy monday!

today im going to do something a bit different. im going to possibly start posting people's "hair stories". i wanted to do something a bit different than the average profile of someone with fabulous hair because i dont know if its helping us or hurting us. i think its great to admire someone, but alot of times with hair, it seems like many of us feel like if we take on someone's hair regimen/routine, then our hair will magically turn into theirs. and that just doesnt happen! but we can continue to learn and take suggestions from others to get the most out of our hair.

i would love to take submissions from anybody interested in sharing, regardless of hair texture, length, age, styling preferences etc. just leave a comment/message if youre willing to tell your story.

so without further adieu, let the story telling begin!

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