Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks

happy thanksgiving!

i love thanksgiving for two main reasons: (1) im a big fan of stuffing my face with my family. that way i dont feel bad when i go back for seconds or thirds. or even when i unbutton my pants and sit in a turkey coma at the table. and (2) it marks another year of me going natural. i didnt exactly plan on going natural, so i dont have an exact anniversary date. i just wanted to chop off all my hair and start over, which i did. a few days later (thanksgiving day) i made my sister cut my hair even shorter and ive been living life as a curly ever since.

6 years have passed and i finally feel like i have "regular" hair now. im not stressed out about length and how fast my hair will grow. ive managed to get over wanting a different texture and im no longer searching for products that will deliver an unattainable result. ive gone through my styling obsession period and ive settled on being perfectly content with wash n gos. i dont obsess about every ingredient nor do i attempt time consuming hair rituals and routines. i know one lather with a sulfate shampoo wont totally destroy my hair. ive relocated my flat iron from the bathroom to the linen closet in the hall. im not afraid of stylists and i know theyre not all out to get me. essentially, my life no longer revolves around my hair. it is what it is. i am not my hair, but my hair is me.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I hope to get to this point, where my hair doesn't consume me, and quickly!

subbrock said...

it took me years to get to the point where i am now. but as soon as you figure youre hair out, it usually stops being an obsession :)