Tuesday, August 25, 2009

perfect curl technique: smoothing every curl

recently, everyone has been talking about teri from tightlycurly.com and her smoothing every curl styling technique. if youve been living under a rock, and i say that with love :) and have no clue what im talking about check out the website and the video:

i tried it for myself and i have mixed reviews. technically i didnt style my entire head this way because i have neither the time nor the patience to smooth every curl. so i shingled in my products (elucence mb conditioner+ castor oil and fantasia ic gel w/ sparkelites) and just smoothed the defiant curls and rogue areas of frizz. all in all, this styling technique did as promised. my curls were defined.

- defined curls

- takes too long for my liking
- if you prefer a voluminous look, this is not for you

i think if my hair ever gets to be teri's length, this will definitely be a perfect curl technique.


D Alexandra said...

you're hair is goregeous!!

Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

I think it takes too much time too. Personally, I only smooth the ends of my curls when they aren't falling in line nicely. I do that right before I plop. With all this hair, if I sat there and touched every single curl, it'd take me a good 3 hours from start to finish to get ready! Don't have that kinda of time! lol