Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my haircut

i got my haircut yesterday and i love it!

i forgot to take a before pic, so this pic was taken earlier this month to give you an idea of what my hair looked like before:

and this is what it lookes like now:

Monday, February 23, 2009

i have a hair appointment tuesday...

and im so excited!

since i havent colored my hair in a long time (and i may stay away from color for a while), i desperately need a change. best case scenario: i get a cute angled bob. most likely to happen: i'll just get my hair shaped up a bit.

in my opinion, having a definite haircut or shape adds sooooooo much to the overall appearence of hair. its been quite some time since ive had a trim, which is usually when i get my hair shaped as well, so my layers have grown out. and that reults in having triangle shaped hair for me. not a good look. im definitely going to post before and after pics to show just how much improvement a shape/style can give curly hair. the best part is that its so subtle and you dont have to lose any length.

i can't wait!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

winter hair secrets by ouidad

Winter Curl Secrets by Ouidad

With winter here, I find that many clients' curls are not performing at their best. Here are some of my tips for taking control of winter dullness.

Use Deep Treatment every two weeks particularly during these cold months - it's my curls best friend. Moisture lost due to winter weather is restored.

Letting your hair dry naturally before you head out into the cold is always ideal, but if you must use a blow dryer due to time, make sure that it is on the low setting.

Add a leave in conditioner, such as Moisture Lock, to your routine. It's great for the dry weather. It makes my hair soft and keeps the moisture in on daily basis.

Shampoo once less per week than your regular routine - your scalp has less oil in the winter, so your hair can be shampooed less frequently.

Static can cause hair to expand and have more flyaways. Combat static throughout the day with Botanical Boost spray in conditioner. It gets rid of the flyaways and adds more moisture to the hair to keep your style all day long.

Finish with a few drops of Shine Hair Glaze - it eliminates the dullness so hair looks healthy and shiny.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

don't forget to deep condition!

i am the first person to admit that i am horrible when it comes to being consistent, following rules, schedules, routines, etc.
what can i say, im a free spirit!
so needless to say, ive been slacking on my deep conditioning treatments. ideally, i would do them at least once a week but its been much much much longer than that since i had done one.
this evening though, i decided to get back on track and do a deep conditioning treatment.

i used mop extreme moisture and mixed it with a bit of my oil blend. i spritzed my dry hair with a bit of water and then applied the conditioning mixture. next, i parted my hair in 5 sections and detangled with a comb. this also helped distribute the conditioner more evenly. after i finished a section, i twisted it up into a little bantu knot (a little bun). after i finished my whole head, i pretty much went on about my business. for an extra conditioning boost sometimes i will put a plastic cap over my hair and then cover that with either a towel or a knit cap so that my body heat aids in the deep conditioning process. after about an hour i hopped in the shower and rinsed out my hair. my hair feels amazing! im going to force myself return to once a week deep conditioning.

at least once a month i deep condition the little one's hair as well, either using mop extreme moisture or jessicurl weekly deep treatment (which i love for myself as well). on bath day i'll wet her hair as soon as she gets in the tub and then put on whichever deep conditioner i plan on using. then right before she gets out of the tub i rinse her hair. since i dont heat style or manipulate her hair too much, the 5-10 minutes of conditioning time still makes her hair even soften than it already is.

for an extra extra boost i will add oil, honey, and even vegetable glycerine to my deep conditioner before i put on my make shift heat cap (the plastic cap/towel combo).

so please dont be like me and remember to deep condition regularly. your dry thirsty hair will thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

not so perfect curls

most of the time people post pics of their decent to great hair days. i decided to switch things up a bit and show you our bad hair days. the reason being, is ive looked at tons and tons of pictures of people and said "wow, they have gorgeous hair" or "whoa, shes beautiful," thinking it wasnt something i could attain because my hair didnt look like that at the time. finding the right products and routine makes all the difference.

i'll start. this is my hair last weekened. i refused to detangle it for at least 3 days and wore it in a bun/ponytail the entire time because i didnt feel like dealing with it.

the man:
im not exactly sure what happened to his hair. maybe he fell asleep on the couch so he didnt have the beenfit of sleeping with his satin pillowcase.

the munchkin: the first pic is before i found products that actually enhanced her curls. back then i was just using detangling spray and no styler or leave in conditioner. the second pic is her morning hair. notice how the curls are still in tact, due to sleeping on satin.

just because you dont wake up with perfect curls, doesnt mean you cant attain them!